Week 1 Scene Fragments Critique

I reshot my scene when I realized I did not finish the directions given to us in the first lab—my characters did not leave the scene. As I was editing it I realized my mistake and I immediately walked over to my neighbor’s house and asked if I could borrow her for a bit. I then reshot the scene fragments with my neighbor and friend.

With these four shots I established the information that someone was worried and waiting for another person, the person shows up and the waiting person assists that person back into the house.

I used the traditional cinematic flow of establishing the setting via a long shot (a man sitting on a porch in a neighborhood), more concise information in a closer shot (A medium close up of the worried gentleman waiting), a reaction shot of what he sees (over the shoulder of an older woman with a bag), and another longer shot that pans with them to follow their actions together.

This camera exercise is not the most technically advanced piece I have produced, but that is the nature of this assignment. I created it quickly and used no equipment besides my camera and tall things to balance my camera on. I think the framing is decent and the pan at the end is smooth and follows their movements well. There is the problem in the third shot that I break the 180 degree rule. I had tried from the correct position within the line of action and found my sight blocked by the porch and stair railings. The man corrects the breaking of the line by moving to the other side before the shot is done, but that does not fix my transgression of the line of action. With a stable tripod and a filter to reduce my f-stop I could have and would have liked to have a rack-focus when we reveal what the man waiting on the porch sees to create a moment of focus on what he is seeing and then to shift focus back to what his actions are in reaction to seeing the old woman there.

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